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The News Without Transparency

We were promised more transparency in government…

Despite President Obama’s 2009 executive privilege requiring agencies to err on the side of disclosure when processing Freedom of Information Act requests, the Drug Enforcement Agency exempted a record number of FOIA requests in 2011 in nearly every category. –

DEA FOIA rejections have increased 114% since the end of Bush administration. – Sunlight Foundation

…seems like we are getting anything but.

‘Lost Boys’ Peril Returns In Sudan


More suffering for the children of the Sudan as a new generation of Lost Boys and Girls are fleeing civil war in an African country that has been plagued with a violent history and is supposed to be following a peace agreement. Cast out by their parents who fear for their safety, these homeless children roam the country trying to avoid violent militias and the dangerous natural conditions of their land with the hopes of surviving the ongoing battle around them.

Jeffrey Gettlean’s piece “New Wave of ‘Lost Boys’ Flee Sudan’s Lingering War” in the New York Times investigates this distressing story. Reading the accounts of these children gives a clear picture of the sadness that has been forced upon them.

We don’t talk about our parents anymore. Even if we go back, we won’t find anybody.

What will the world do to help these children?

‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ Moment During Reporting Of Obamacare Ruling

Media giants still can get it totally wrong, even with today’s technology.


Moments after the ruling was released by the court, several media outlets – including CNN and Fox News – erroneously reported on-air that the mandate had been struck down. – Yahoo! News