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One Woman’s Battle to Fight Modern Day Slavery

Sister Aziza is helping thousands of African refugees who are crossing Egypt’s Sinai desert to flee the dangers of kidnap, rape, torture, forced labor and sexual slavery facing them.  These migrants are seeking salvation and have found it in this Eritrean nun who serves, as CNN reports, as “an oasis for their harrowing journey into Israel.”

In 2012 the U.S. State Department honored Sister Aziza, along with nine others, with its Trafficking in Persons Heroes Award.

I love stories about people doing something, NOT talking about doing something. The accounts of this Sister’s work and the affect she is having on the lives of so many proves that one person can make a difference and can do so without governments, large organizations or a lot of money.

To hear Sister Aziza speak more about the work she is doing to fight human trafficking listen to her interview with NPR.

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The Science of Political Polarization

How do we know what we know?

Simple enough question but one whose answer could change how people interact, and hopefully eliminate the polarizing affects of bis.

When we listen mostly to people who already agree with us, our pre-existing convictions get fortified, and we start to think that those who disagree with us are evil, dumb or duped. Is it any wonder that our politics are highly polarized, so much so that it sometimes seems as if Democrats and Republicans don’t merely disagree but live in unfathomably different universes? – Bloomberg

This article starts a good discussion on the ways we can build a healthier political environment and obtain a better understanding of what motivates us to act.

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