Adapting to New Solutions

This past week Cory Bergman wrote an interesting article for Poynter on how journalism will be disrupted by mobile – “the second tidal wave of change” after the Internet. He posits that “news organizations must adopt a ‘mobile first’ mindset” but are mistakenly relying on a “mobile, too” approach.

Track180′s own Editor-in-Chief Ken Sands wrote a piece that takes a look at the history of medium change that the industry has faced. In it he cites a blog post by Jay Rosen whose words reflect the pitfalls implicit in Mr. Bergman’s article, stating that the “original sin” of news organizations in transitioning to the digital format was “re-purposing the old platform’s material” to fit it.

A failure to adapt, or even worse, fighting against this “tidal wave”, will drastically hurt this industry’s ability to be of value to the public. As Ken points out:

“It took a decade before it was universally accepted that news on the web is best when it’s created specifically for that platform.”

With the speed at which technology is moving taking time to come around is not an option. More importantly these new mediums do not have to be a threat to a news organization’s way of business, but rather can greatly enhance it.

In his article Mr. Bergman keenly states “news needs to solve problems.” This tenet is the root of any business and will defy all change so long as it is allowed to. It should always be the driving force. In the case of the news industry this means informing people in the best possible way. Right now mobile creates a great opportunity to do just that, perhaps even the best possible way.

I just hope for the benefit of the rest of us journalists come to the same conclusion.

The Problem With Single Source News

The image taken and posted by James Fallows in his article Why I Get More Than One Newspaper perfectly encapsulates why I started Track180.

In these three conflicting headlines lies the DNA for our app. In these three varying perspectives lies the coordinates to arrive at the truth. I could not agree more with Mr. Fallows – single source news is simply not enough. You need more than just one headline to get the full picture. It is the aim of Track180 to make this happen.

Of course since its first inception Track180 has grown larger in scope than this key concept, but what this image reminds me of is why a tool for tracking these views is needed more than ever.

One Woman’s Battle to Fight Modern Day Slavery

Sister Aziza is helping thousands of African refugees who are crossing Egypt’s Sinai desert to flee the dangers of kidnap, rape, torture, forced labor and sexual slavery facing them.  These migrants are seeking salvation and have found it in this Eritrean nun who serves, as CNN reports, as “an oasis for their harrowing journey into Israel.”

In 2012 the U.S. State Department honored Sister Aziza, along with nine others, with its Trafficking in Persons Heroes Award.

I love stories about people doing something, NOT talking about doing something. The accounts of this Sister’s work and the affect she is having on the lives of so many proves that one person can make a difference and can do so without governments, large organizations or a lot of money.

To hear Sister Aziza speak more about the work she is doing to fight human trafficking listen to her interview with NPR.

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National Geographic Gets Creative To Tell A Reservation’s Whole Story


The first statement of this article says it all.

Sometimes, it takes more than one storyteller to get a story right…

An interesting look at how journalism can fuse with new technology to better develop an unfiltered picture of the world around us.

Will innovations such as Cowbird continue to grow as the answer to one-sided storytelling?

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New Platform Seeks To Give Anyone An Audience


The way Twitter’s retweets gave anyone with 140 characters of brilliance a way to spread across the web, Medium could do the same for longer thoughts. – Tech Crunch

Looks like an interesting product that could potentially enhance user experience ont he internet.

To learn more about he company that’s “re-imagining publishing” check out: Welcome To Medium

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A Mother Bravely Campaigns for President in Afghanistan


Women’s right advocate Fawzia Koofi, who is campaigning to become Afghanistan’s next president in 2014, shows us that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, Christian, Jew, or Muslim – the fight for freedom and justice is the same.

All of us human beings will one day. Maybe today is the day I will die. But if I do, please know that it was for a purpose. - Fawzia Koofi