The time-lapse imagery above perfectly captures the scope of nature’s constantly moving beauty. If this video by Henry Jun Wah Lee of Evosia Studios doesn’t inspire us to want to preserve this planet I don’t know what will.

Sadly though its theme of “Alchemy” can’t help but be considered in our relationship to this landscape. As the filmmaker states in his description, this “is a short film about transformation” and all the elements combined, ”mixed together, create the magic of nature’s alchemy”. It is troublesome to think what happens when humanity inserts itself into this process. Hopefully rather than alter it to meet our own needs, we can find better ways to sustainably live within it.

To learn about some who are striving to charitably do just that, and help contribute if you’d like, check out:

Conservation International

Rainforest Action Network

The Wildlife Society

Sierra Club


And to learn about all the places visited in this video read Evosia’s posting.